Voting Frustration

vote for clinton or vote for trump?

If we look at the current political scenario of America, it would be extremely difficult to comprehend that Abraham Lincoln belonged to the same Republican Party as Donald Trump does. However, there is still some silver lining even in this scenario. With Donald Trump winning the nomination of the Republican Party, the problems of gender, race and economic disparity has been fully exposed.

One of the fundamental problems that have surfaced during the Hillary vs. Drump debate is that we have stopped hearing the other side of the argument altogether. Both parties believe that they are absolutely right and there is no room for difference of opinion. This polarization has divided the society and the average American is becoming a kind of fundamentalist. As a result, the debate gets extremely nasty on television and other forums. The gravity of the situation could be grasped by the fact that even the old KKK is getting involved in the election. On the other side, we also see the involvement of pope. On one hand we see a Woman representing a Democrat while on the other hand we see a fanatic representing the Republicans. In short, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the whole nation is currently divided.

The choice between Clinton and Trump is a truly hard one. More importantly, the Americans have resorted back to hateful ways from which it came out not so long ago. Both sides are of the view that it is time to stand up to our morals and not let idiocrasy prevail.

Despite the dilemma between Clinton and Trump, for an outsider it would be hard to imagine Donald Trump sitting in the Oval Office as a President of the United States. There is a long list of reasons but let’s just focus on the major ones for a while. Donald Trump has been making a lot of sweeping statements. His generalization about Muslims is just one case in point. He proposes a complete and categorical ban on Muslims is not only idiotic but also practically impossible. He has expressed similar remarks about Mexicans which has resulted in further marginalization of that class of people. This negative and demeaning behavior is not just limited to outsiders; in fact, he also behaves in a similar manner with reporters and press. Imagine a man aspiring to be the president of the most powerful country on the Earth losing its temper with the protestors. The hallmark of his whole campaign is hatred and fear.

Apart from hatred narrative, he counts his business acumen as his strength. However, even this statement is questionable because he has had a lot business failures and bankruptcies. If you analyze some of his business failures, you will be amazed by seeing the idiotic business ideas of his.

As far as the democratic race is concerned, it is far from over. Although Bernie Sanders has been defeated but he has been able to ignite a spark that would soon become fire and spread through all America. The movements are already underway in some parts of the country thanks to Bernie Sanders. The Americans are realizing that they would again have to fight for their rights and get rid of the hegemonic system that is perpetuating poverty and marginalization of the middle class.

In this regard, the most important thing in my opinion is the financial stability and prosperity. The American Dream of having a house is still relevant today. The middle class still has to take a lot of debt and loans in order to get a house. This is just middle class. If we look at the homeless people they are everywhere. They are still living in temporary houses and sleeping in parking lots. In short, they are in a dismal position.

To wrap up this discussion, I for one is still confused as to who deserves my vote. What I am sure about is no matter whom I vote there will still be same number of homeless people on the street. The middle class will still be struggling. Let me know who you are voting for? More importantly, why you are voting for that candidate? I would love to hear your reasons.


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