Voices In Your Head

You might have read or heard about the wonky champion’s voice which is called obnoxious roommate by one of the most successful entrepreneurs Ariana Huffington. This roommate is not something that is real, rather it is in our head. Sometimes this person takes the shape of people who bullied or belittled us in our childhood. Everybody hears criticism once in a while but as adults we are able to take it. But, as kids if you are criticized and told that you cannot be successful, then it really hurts. The surprising element in all this is it is often the closest people to you who give you such feedback like parents, siblings or teachers. Obviously, one cannot rule out the bullies but the crux of it is that even after years you don’t forget that feedback and discouragement. Even when you are a fully grown adult they don’t stop interfering in your day to day matters. In fact, your decisions are influenced by these voices in your head. You could loosely call them Internal Advisory Committee since they are kind of trying to let a certain idea prevail. This internal advisory committee is not only composed of that one person but rather it’s a combination of different words and thoughts simultaneously affecting the way you think and act. These especially come into play when you are taking on a new challenge or setting yourself in a new direction in life.

It is extremely important to think and reflect deeply about these committee members. More importantly, we need to first find who they are actually. Similarly, we also need to assess whether these committee members still hold actual power in our life or whether all of this is in our head. Also think back to the time when you heard these comments; find out how old exactly you were. By finding the true age when you had that negative feedback, think about whether you want your current self to take decisions or whether you want your decisions dictated by your younger self. Often, some of the children are scolded for even speaking or asking questions. This is something that does not only happen in our childhood but the ideas are put down at every stage of life. We are often barred from questioning traditional and entrenched beliefs. We are told to accept the facts without scrutinizing the evidence. All these emotions and believes also get entrenched in our lives and start dictating our decisions.

Not all members of the Advisory Committee are bad because there are those people also who inspired you at one point in your life or another. It is in this context why knowing your internal advisory committee members is important. If the people who inspired you are still living maybe renewing interaction and relations with them could bring about a significant change and improvement in your life. At least, they deserve some gratitude for the positive contribution towards your life.

In the end, it is completely up to you as to what and whose voice you pay attention to.

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