Trump vs. McCarthy

Joseph McCarthy
Joseph McCarthy

If you are a student journalist and living in South Florida currently, then you have come across the whole political narrative that has been going on. Also as students you would have gotten the chance of covering for different political events like rallies or conducting polls. More importantly, the current political scenario has become a source of profound discussion in the class rooms. In this scenario, if you are a person who values diversity then the chances are you would have disliked Trump from the beginning. In fact, such people have completely ignored Donald Trump for months despite him making frequent appearances in the form of debates and rallies. I am also one of those people but I stopped ignoring Trump after listening to Michael Meerpol. If you know a little bit of history then you would have heard this name because he belonged to the family who were accused of sharing secrets of atomic bomb with Russia which was Soviet Union at that time. Decades have been passed since this incident happened but Meerpol is of the view that this quite relevant even these days.

In the past, Americans were unnecessarily fearful of Soviets and thus took radical actions to thwart communists and now the Americans have developed a similar attitude with regards to the Muslims. Trumps call for banning Muslims is idiotic at best. Before the cold war period, Senator McCarthy started spreading hatred and hysteria among the Americans against the Soviets. Historians later called this radical ideology McCarthyism. During this campaign, he public started accusing people and started inciting violence and hatred. With the help of McCarthyism, the Americans started believing Soviets to be an imminent threat completely ignoring the fact that the Soviet Union is on the other end of the globe. He also emphasized that this threat is not relevant to just Americans but to the whole world. Under this scenario, the Rosenbergs were termed guilty before even on going on trial. Such is the impact of a narrative centered on hatred and fear. More importantly, no crime was done by the mother. Only, the mother Meerpol was guilty of loving his father.

This same mentality is spreading like a wildfire through Americans under the current political scenario. And this time, Donald Trump is behind all this. If we allow this mentality to prevail then it would be like destroying the very basic nature of the America. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that we don’t let this kind of mentality dictate the future of America. If such mentality prevails, the Muslims and Mexicans will be seen as Soviets. People would stop interacting with such Muslims and Mexicans. No business would like to serve customers belonging to a specific religion. America would further drown under the burden of racism and ethnicity. This is not something far-fetched; in fact, such incidents have already started occurring and Donald Trump’s supporters are trying their best to marginalize Muslims and Mexicans. This situation would get aggravate with the passage of time. American families would be scared of sending their children to the same school where Muslim children are also taught. Some families are already sending children to specific schools where no child of other ethnic background is permitted. It is like history is repeating itself; only the faces have changed but the nature of narrative is quite same. And this is just the result of the presidential campaign and Donald Trump is still far from being the President of the United States. All of this puts immense responsibility on us voters to make the right choice and not vote for Donald Trump.

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