Dealing with Differences of Opinion

We have discussions and discourses daily with our friends or colleagues at work place or if we are studying in college, then such issues become a matter of class discussions. Some of these discussions revolve around gun control and how gun laws have affected and impacted the shaping of our society. Sometimes, we also like to talk about global warming and how gigantic corporations are sort of responsible for the current situation.

Similarly, one of the widely debated topics in America is about banning of the Muslim immigrants. This issue has occupied central importance because of its significance in the Donald Trump’s Presidential election campaign. In the same vein, we also talk about ISIS and whether it is a real threat or not. During such discussions with others, one thing that comes out is that opinions vary a lot from one person to another. The humane way of treating difference of opinion is to hear the other person out and stay civil because no amount of force is going to sway the other person’s opinion in your favor.

During these discussions, there is one thing which you fundamentally agree upon with the other person despite any amount of difference of upon. America is currently polarized and the history seems to be repeating itself. Like previously, this is one of the crucial times in America’s time line and what we choose today is going to impact our future generations. While talking to your colleagues, you would have often wondered why some people think that their opinions only matter. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that some people believe that they are smarter or superior in some sense because they hold a certain opinion. This kind of mentality is very dangerous.

For instance, it would be a good exercise for the readers to listen to Bob Templeton. If you talk about Gun Shows in Arizona he is the man. Now as most of you know that executive actions have been taken by President Obama regarding gun control. During his interview, he candidly expressed his stance and also mentioned how his business is going to be affected by this action. This is a very civil way of argument and that is how a difference of opinion should be articulated.

Because once you hear the other side of the story in a well-articulated manner you get a completely new perspective and you start looking at things in a detailed manner.

On the other hand, we have examples of people who believe that the current President Obama is doing all in his power to amend the constitution for his third time stay in the office. Now this, as most of you know, is completely false and there is no evidence that could reconcile such a statement. Yet, if you try to argue with such people you just cannot because they are completely convinced that this is how it is going to work out.

We’ve heard similar arguments at the historical tragedy of 9/11 when we believed that the American government was behind the attacks. That sounds totally ludicrous but some people believe it to this day despite the insurmountable evidence. Some of these rumors are spread through organizations to achieve a specific purpose and there is hardly any truth behind it. The lesson for us is to hear the other side of the story always. Once you investigate and get down to the matter you find it nuanced. Therefore, it is important to keep the judgments to ourselves but at the same time uphold the very values on which this country was built. More importantly, it is important to respect humanity.

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