Are We The Problem?

The modern American political scenario has sparked a huge debate on a number of issues; people are started questioning their beliefs and moral system because of the current narrative. It is hard to pin down or find kernels of political correctness in our current context. We are often enticed towards criticizing others for their incorrectness but we need to look at ourselves first. For instance, many of us don’t really see sexism as a major issue. The same can be said about other issues like bigotry. This is quite against the foundations of American culture.

More specifically, now we are in an era where we are standing with those people who we know would do harm to others. Maybe we are just too selfish and only care about ourselves. If this was the way of things in the past we wouldn’t be able to live with ourselves but now we currently are. You hear both sides of the story and it is difficult to not see what is right. People who have literally done no harm are dying by the hundreds and thousands.

The powerful are attaining more power day by day and they are getting richer. The differences in terms of discrimination has seeped into the fabric of the society. The old age foe racism is still strong and there is a wide majority out there that still follow these beliefs. Sometimes, I am completely amazed when I see the candidates who are running for the president of our country. These are obnoxious pigs and are cheaters. How could they even hope to have this sacred office in the land of the free? And this is not it they are actually molesters and instigators. They are trying to use other people to get to this office. They will use any weapon or medium to promote their agenda. What exactly are they promoting? The hatred is spreading like a wildfire throughout our nation and we are becoming less tolerant day by day. By using each and other spreading hate, these politicians don’t even consider their family members.

Some of these politicians have no respect for LGBT community, and many are anti-gay. They don’t even consider for a moment that their son could be gay. Objectifying women has become the way of our life. Basically, it is not entirely their fault that they have reached such a high platform. We are to be blamed equally for this. After all, we have played the role of apologetics in this regard. We try to cover up and explain their faults and end up looking like fools. We don’t want to let one ideology go completely ignoring the fact that there are faults regardless of whether we pick one or the other. We like to be associated with one party but we don’t want to become part of the humanity. One thing that has stood out in the current scenario is that humanity is lost. Politicians talk about carpet bombing countries and we cheer and applause. There is something fundamentally wrong here!

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